Official rules of Banks Battle 2014 

  1. Before register on, participant confirms, that he or she has read and accepted the rules of the competition.
  2. A participant must be a bachelor student or a master student (or equal degrees) in universities of one of the following countries: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Austria, Slovakia, Slovenia, Check Republic, Hungary, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia, Turkey.
  3. A participant must be between 18 and 25 years old on time of registration deadline.
  4. Participants must be registered on before April, 25th, 2014 and create or join a team and upload the team's presentation.
  5. Participants confirm their commitment to participate in the offline rounds of the competition (according to the competition calendar) in case of successful completion of previous stages.
  6. Team must consist of either 3 or 4 participants (no less and no more).
  7. Participant can be a member of the only one team at the same time.
  8. List of team participants cannot be changed after the registration deadline.
  9. In case of exceeding the maximum number of teams in the competition, additional qualifying tasks can be introduced.
  10. The groups (independent markets' leagues), consisting of 10 competing teams, will be formed.
  11. At the beginning of each round all the teams receive financial reports of their virtual banks (the situation is equal for all the participants at the beginning).
  12. Each round consists of several virtual years (decision making periods). During each period team must upload its decisions, using special web-site form, and meet respective deadlines.
  13. Each team is self-responsible for validation and uploading their decisions before designated deadlines of each decision making period.
  14. Teams that have not uploaded half or more of decisions in each round are automatically disqualified.
  15. The winner of each group, that qualifies to the next round, will be determined on the highest winning criteria in the last period (calculated by banking simulation). After that the list of teams, qualified for the next round of the competition, will be published.
  16. Composition and strength of the influence of various parameters on the winning criteria may differ in each round.
  17. If two or more teams get the same index of success (up to three decimal) in the same group, the winner is determined on the net value of the bank in the final period of the game.
  18. If a team refuses to take part in the next round, it is replaced by a team from the same group, that took the second place and so on.
  19. Criteria and procedures for team evaluation in the final round are determined and published on no later than 7 days prior to the final round.
  20. Prizes are not available for transfer to other people, they also cannot be replaced or paid in cash.
  21. All questions, relating to the organizational part of the competition, should be addressed to the organizers of the competition (emailto:
  22. Disputes and conflicts are considered by the Competition Organizing Committee (the working group, approved by the Rector of the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, professor Vladimir Mau, PhD. Resolutions of the Organizing Committee are final and not appealable.
  23. The organizers reserve the right, if necessary, to change the rules of the competition. All changes will be communicated to the participants by publishing news on the home page


Banks Battle`s winners visited Shanghai and Hong Kong.



Students from Croatia won Banks Battle 2013-2014!