[2014-07-08] Students from Croatia won Banks Battle 2013-2014!

The final of the international student banking competition was held in Sberbank headquarters in Moscow. 

The core of Banks Battle is a business simulator programm. It allows the participants to become CEO`s of virtual bank on competitive market. The participants decide the interest rates of credits and deposits, build HR-policy, including training, manage the budget and develop marketing strategy. The programm evaluates all virtual banks using special complex winning criteria. The most efficient and profitable virtual bank wins.

13 countries participated in the fourth season of Banks Battle. These are Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia, Austria and Turkey - 925 teams total (including 731 teams from Russia).

The team called "Dream Bank" became a leader from the start and held leadership during the game till the end. It`s the first time when the champion of Banks Battle is not a russian team. The results of the final are listed below (in decreasing order):


Team name Country City Result
Dream Bank Croatia Zagreb 484,85
JDM Bank Russia Irkutsk 399,28
ForestBank Russia Rostov-on-Don 393,69
Sinergiya Russia Nabereschnyje Tschelny 387,54
Due Diligence Russia Ivanivo 369,32
Leverage Buyouters Russia Moscow 366,95
Russkiy Duh Russia Omsk 362,07
La la La la Lala lala Ukraine Kiev 348,94
Matematiki Russia Yekaterinburg 348,51
Prague Profit Seekers Czech Republic Prague 311,7


Dream Bank (Marco Vindis, Andrija Stajduhar, Mario Bambulovic and Mihael Saric) participated in Banks Battle second time. The team was third in 2012-2013, so they took a revenge sucsessfully. Dream Bank earned the internship trip to China. 

The vice-president of Sberbank, Alexey Mehonoshin, opened the final. Other vice-president, Andrey Sharov, greeted the participants with the wishes of fair winning. The awards were presented by the vice-president of Sberbank, Alexey Mehonoshin, the deputy chairman of the board of Sberbank, Sergey Gorkov and the director of Sberbank corporate university, Valeriy Katkalo.

The organiser of Banks Battle is RANEPA. General partner is Sberbank.



Banks Battle`s winners visited Shanghai and Hong Kong.



Students from Croatia won Banks Battle 2013-2014!