How to participate in Banks Battle?

Step 1. Study the rules and conditions for participation

Before registering you should learn the "Rules" of Season 2013-2014

Step 2. Sign up online

Follow the link "Register".

Fill in the questionnaire.

Confirm your email address by following the link in the letter once you receive it at your mailbox.


Step 3. Create a new team or join an existing one:

•    Register a new team

     In the dashboard click the link "Create a team"
     Fill the registration form to create a new team
     Find team members (all team members should send their requests to join the team)
     Accept their requests to be a part of the team

•    or Join an existing team

     Go to the "Teams"
     Look at the list of available teams and the list of participants.
     Choose, which team you would like to join in.
     Press the "Send Request" button.
     Wait until the captain accepts or rejects your application.
     If you are rejected, you can apply for the other teams.

Step 4. Prepare and upload team presentation

When you have 3 or 4 people in your team, you will be able to upload team presentation.

Team presentation should include the following required items:

•    Photos of all team members with brief summaries (3-4 slides);

•    Write your motivation: why you would like to take part in Banks Battle, your expectations (1-2 slides);

•    Answer to the main question: why your team should be allowed for the competition? (1-2 slides)

•    Team members contacts (1 slide).

* If you want, you may include additional slides in the presentation: the history of the team, the slogan and the basic principles of the organization of work in your team, etc.



Banks Battle`s winners visited Shanghai and Hong Kong.



Students from Croatia won Banks Battle 2013-2014!